Steve Spurs Degraag and his wife Mandy

Steve Spurs Degraag and his wife Mandy are no strangers to Hua Hin Fishing Lodge, they have fished with us many times before whilst holidaying in Hua Hin. These photos are of some of their catch of 22/11/17. Some good Amazon Redtail for both Steve and Mandy, a Pacu and Arapaima for Steve but the catch of the day was a fine Alligator Gar – right at the end of their second day.
Steve has never caught a Gar before but managed this fine specimen to make up for things……………..
Steve said – “I had only a 3rd of a fish left for bait , was gonna pack up ,but hey ho, pukka alligator gar, big thanks to the owner and our helper , Could not do enough for us …pukka